The most effective fitness equipment and expert trainers will help you achieve your
fitness goals quickly and safely.


Training Options to Fit your Needs

We are dedicated to design and deliver high-quality programs and services that put our clients’ best interest first.

As with anything, the better the program, the better the results. You want a fitness and wellness program that works. We are trained to know what the you need. There are so many ways to put together a program for you that not only will help you get to your goals but you will also enjoy. At Power Play Fitness, we believe in making fitness and wellness fun and enjoyable so you will continue for life. We make your health and fitness a journey, not a destination.

You are our priority. In the beginning of your fitness journey, you will sit down with a Certified fitness professional who will prescribe for you a fitness program based upon your goals and needs. This personalized fitness prescription will help guide you in the right direction with the proper tools. You would not set off on a journey across the country without a road map. Then why would you start your fitness journey without proper direction?

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