Nutrition Tip

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Chocolate, cigarettes, alcohol! We crave it all! And we feel like we HAVE to have it! After a while we make it a habit to have or consume whatever it is we feel like we are craving! Everyday, after lunch or after dinner, here comes that “evil little craving.”

What do we do?

Research shows that when we get moving, even a short 15 minute walk, can reduce the cravings. Not only will we reduce the cravings, we will replace a “bad habit” with a “good one.”

When we workout, or just get the blood flowing, this stimulates the “feel-good” brain chemicals and releases glycogen which makes you feel good and triggers your brain to have a sense of satiety.

So, when you feel that nagging need for Chocolate every night… GET MOVING!


Eating high-fat, healthy unsaturated fats is a great way to help you lose weight and curb cravings. Sounds funny… high-fat and healthy?

I mean GOOD FATS! They are essential to your diet. Olive oil, nuts, avocado and fish have good fats that, when entering your digestive system, slow the rate the stomach empties, making you full longer. Along with feeling full, it keeps your blood sugar from spiking. This is sure to keep your appetite under control and your cravings away.